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Airflow Stain Removal

Airflow stain removal is an effective way to get rid of unattractive staining on the surface of the teeth. Though not a tooth whitening treatment, it will leave your teeth looking noticeably fresher and brighter. It is also often recommended as a first step in any whitening treatment because heavy surface staining can prevent the whitening agent from penetrating the enamel.

As we age, our teeth naturally darken and discolour, but substantial staining can arise as a result of heavy smoking, frequent consumption of tea, coffee, and red wine, or ineffective tooth brushing. Over time, this results in dark patches and stripes on the surface of the teeth which not only look unsightly but can also result in bad breath and the development of gum disease.

Within just one 30 minute appointment, Airflow can help remove these stubborn stains, leaving you with visibly cleaner and shinier teeth.

How does it work?

After your teeth have been scaled, the Airflow system focuses a high-pressured jet of water, air, and bicarbonate on the surfaces of your teeth to gently eliminate stains, and allow your natural enamel to shine through. It also reaches those hidden areas between teeth to ensure all dirt and bacteria are removed. The treatment is topped off with a tooth polish.

Many patients choose to complement their Airflow stain removal with a further tooth whitening treatment to lighten the colour of the enamel.
To keep your teeth fresher and cleaner for longer, try to avoid smoking and dark coloured food and drink, and make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly.

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