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Cosmetic Dentistry

Make your smile one that you can be proud of with cosmetic dentistry. Our range of cosmetic treatments can enhance and improve your smile, whether you simply want to cover up a tooth that’s letting you down or transform your smile with a selection of treatments. At Brecknock Dental, we have the experts, the tools and the technology to help you achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted.

Composite bonding

We can repair, conceal and neaten troublesome teeth that are causing a drop in confidence. Dental composite is a tooth-coloured resin that can be built directly to the tooth. It’s a quick and effective treatment to improve the appearance of teeth that are visible when you smile.


Custom-made porcelain veneers can dramatically improve a smile. These thin shells fit over the front of your teeth, changing their appearance completely. Only a small amount of enamel needs to be removed to allow space for the veneer.

White fillings

We can use tooth-coloured composite to rebuild teeth that have been treated following from having decay removed. The filling is built directly to the tooth and looks just like a tooth when it’s finished. We can also replace existing metal fillings with white fillings to improve appearance.

Porcelain crowns and onlays

Teeth can become damaged through a number of reasons – whether through decay or through injury. Crowns offer a full restoration for teeth that need extensive repair. Made from porcelain, they look exactly like natural teeth. We can use porcelain crowns to replace any existing metal crowns.

Teeth straightening

Having crooked or overlapping teeth in your smile can make you feel self-conscious. We offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments that can help you achieve the straight smile you’ve always wanted. We also offer discreet straightening systems, such as Invisalign, that allow you to straighten your smile without anyone knowing that you’re having orthodontic treatment.

Teeth whitening

Brighten up your smile with teeth whitening. We offer three different systems of whitening at our practice – home whitening and in-surgery whitening. Our home whitening systems, Boutique and Enlighten, use custom-made whitening trays so you can whiten your smile in the comfort of your home.

Dental Implants

Restoring your smile using the next best thing to natural teeth – dental implants. Implants are titanium posts that, when placed in the jaw, can support a replacement tooth or a bridge. Implants are long-lasting and secure solutions to missing teeth and can be used to support dentures.

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