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Teeth Whitening

Give your smile its sparkle. As we age, our teeth naturally darken as we pick up stains from our diet and the enamel wears away to reveal the darker dentine underneath. Whitening makes your smile look healthier and more youthful, giving you a boost of confidence.

How does whitening work?

Whitening uses a safe chemical reaction to release oxygen molecules and these break down stains in the enamel and dentine. As a result, whitening gradually bleaches the surfaces, lightening the teeth to a desired shade. At Brecknock Dental, we offer different systems that use the same chemical process in different ways.

Affordable home whitening

Home whitening is a fantastic alternative to in-surgery whitening. Boutique whitening uses custom-made whitening trays. All you need to do is add the whitening gel in the trays and then wear them for a short amount of time during the day or at night. You dream shade can be achieved in a couple weeks.

How does it work?

We create custom-made mouth trays which are worn at home. The whitening gel is added to the tray, delivered in special injections to control the amount you use each time. The mouth trays make sure the gel is evenly spread across the surfaces of your mouth. It takes around 2 weeks to achieve your desired shade.

Combining the best whitening has to offer with Enlighten

Using both home kits and in-surgery whitening, Enlighten offers the brightest end result, achieving Vita Shade B1. Using custom-made mouth trays to begin with, the system removes most of the stains from the enamel and dentine. After two weeks, you return to the practice where your dentist then tops up the treatment, creating a beautiful result.

How does it work?

We take impressions of your teeth to produce customised trays which you will wear on a nightly basis for two weeks. After carrying out this treatment at home, you will come and see us in the surgery for a 40 minute booster treatment.

Internal tooth whitening

For teeth that may be discoloured due to trauma, decay or previous root canal treatment, we offer internal whitening. This process is similar to normal teeth whitening but lightens the tooth from the inside because its discolouration is due to a change in its actual structure.

How does it work?

We first enter the tooth where the root canal was sealed off and seal it at the base, keeping the back of the tooth open temporarily. We apply the whitening gel regularly and then seal the tooth off after that.

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