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Composite bonding

Composite bonding can be used to repair light damage, conceal noticeable discolouration, or improve the shape of your teeth. We can use composite bonding to contour your bite surfaces on the back teeth. Composite is a special dental resin made from a combination of plastic and glass. It can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and we can colour-match it to your tooth colour so it looks just like your tooth.

Composite can be built directly on your tooth so there is no need to strip away a layer of enamel. Bonding requires a degree of skill to accurately build up the shape of a tooth from scratch and we have restorative dentistry experts who make it appear as if there was no damage in the first place.

Why have composite bonding?

What is involved in the treatment?

Looking after your restored tooth

Composite is invulnerable to bacteria and decay, but the natural tooth underneath is susceptible to decay from the margin where the composite meets the natural tooth. You will need to look after your repaired teeth just the same as your natural teeth.

You may require maintenance on these restorations, particularly if you like to drink tea or coffee or enjoy other food and drinks that stain your teeth. This can easily be monitored at your regular check-ups.

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