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With orthodontic treatment, we can straighten crooked teeth, correct bite issues and eliminate gaps. At Brecknock Dental, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments that can help you achieve a healthier and straighter smile. Our choice of options span from fixed braces to more discreet clear aligners.

Why have orthodontic treatment?

Having crooked teeth on show when you smile can make you feel self-conscious. Orthodontics is the ideal treatment for straightening troublesome teeth while also taking your overall dental wellbeing into consideration. Discreet straightening options, such as Invisalign, are perfect for adults who wish to have a straighter smile but who are put off having visible braces.

Improving your bite helps alleviate jaw issues and protects again tooth wear caused through a misaligned bite. Moving teeth into a straighter position also makes it much easier to clean teeth and protects your mouth from gum disease in the long run.

Braces at Brecknock Dental

We offer a range of orthodontic treatments because we feel strongly about giving as much of a choice as possible. Having braces is a big commitment, so it’s important to have plenty of options available so you can straighten your smile the way you want.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are still the dependable choice when it comes to delivering precise results. Able to address a multitude of alignment issues, braces are the best treatment for more serious malocclusion. We are also able to offer a more discreet option, that uses white ceramic brackets in place of metal.

Six Month Smiles®

This innovative treatment uses the very latest technology to work quickly and safely on only those teeth that show when you smile. The braces are fixed to your teeth but have clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires so they are very discreet.

Because the treatment focuses on how your teeth will look rather than your bite, it is much quicker, and a new smile could be yours in just a few months.


This subtle, yet highly effective treatment, uses a series of tailor-made aligners that are changed every week to gradually move your teeth to their desired position. Its main advantage is that re-alignment goes on ‘behind the scenes’, as the aligners are virtually invisible. They are also comfortable and can be taken out, so you can keep your teeth and gums really clean and indulge in all kinds of foods, as there’ll be no restriction on what you can eat.

This system uses 3D technology to create the customised aligners, so that movement is precisely controlled and you can see how your teeth will look during and after treatment. Treatment times with Invisalign® are shorter than traditional braces and as there are no braces and wires, you’ll spend less time having adjustments.

Inman Aligner™

This virtually invisible system uses a bespoke aligner that exerts very light forces to both push and pull the front teeth into position. It consists of a nickel-titanium spring in conjunction with a thin bar that runs across the front of the teeth.

It is a cost-effective way to change the look of your front teeth within just 8-16 weeks.

Quick Straight Teeth™

This system offers several removable and fixed appliances that offer gentle, affordable solutions to misaligned teeth with dramatically reduced treatment times of 4-24 weeks.

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